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Helping People Receive the Money and Sustenance They Need

When people are injured and unable to work, there are usually many concerns. When people contact our law firm, however, those concerns are boiled down to two things: receiving the money they need and recovering fully.

Unfortunately, at Rubin & Morris, P.C., we cannot help with your physical healing. However, our Social Security Disability attorneys work with clients in Worcester to help them receive the financial benefits they need. Once you know you will receive the financial support you need, it may be easier to worry less about the other things.

Why You Need Help From an Experienced Lawyer

Many people who contact our firm have already applied for Social Security benefits. However, they were denied. When people contact our firm, we help them organize their medical records and make sure all the supporting documents are included. We help ensure every piece of the applications are accurate and in accordance with the Social Security Administration’s strict rules.

We can help get your claims approved, so you don’t need to worry.

Helping the Government See the Whole Picture

If people suffer injuries and are unable to work, they are likely suffering from multiple things. For example, a worker who suffers a back injury may be unable to work. However, if he or she is unable to enjoy normal daily activities — such as exercising or sitting long enough to watch a movie — the injured person may develop depression as well.

When our attorneys represent people, our goal is to help the Social Security office see the totality of the person who is requesting benefits. The combination of mental and physical injuries needs to be considered.

When you take one person and overlay several injuries and illnesses, that’s an accurate representation of the whole person. We strive to help our clients receive the full benefits they need.

Fitchburg/Worcester SSDI and SSI Attorney

If you were injured and are unable to work, we can help you receive the Social Security Disability benefits you need. If you’re injured, it may be challenging to walk far. To help make things easier for our clients, we offer free on-site parking.

Learn more about the representation we offer by scheduling your free initial consultation. We can be reached online or by calling 508-791-5541.

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